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Amazing Ten-Frame (K-1)
Amazing Ten-Frame (K-1):

Building (Young) Children's Understanding of Number and Operations!

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Ten-Frame Tile Kits

KP® Ten-Frame Tile Kits consist of KP® Ten-Frame Tiles and a copy of Tile Tactics. The Kits are available in three packages:

1-tile-12x12.png Starter Kit ($79)

  • 1 Build-to-100 Set of KP® Ten-Frame Tiles
  • 1 Tile Tactics book

1-tile-12x12.png Basic Kit ($429)

  • 1 Build-to-1000 Set of KP® Ten-Frame Tiles
  • 1 Tile Tactics book

1-tile-12x12.png Expanded Kit ($829)

  • 2 Build-to-1000 Sets of KP® Ten-Frame Tiles
  • 1 Tile Tactics book

Tile Tacticsan activity book that provides ideas, strategies, and sample lessons to support instruction with KP® Ten-Frame Tiles, is included in every Kit

1-tile-12x12.png Tile Tactics is organized in sections according to grade level academic standards:

  • Number Concepts within 10 (K-1)
  • Whole Number Place Value Concepts (K-4)
  • Whole Number Operators (K-6)
  • Decimal Fraction Concepts (4-5)
  • Decimal Fraction Operations (4-6)

1-tile-12x12.png Tile Tactics contains activities that ...

  • serve as a foundation for understanding the behavior of all numbers throughout the place value system
  • show step-by-step procedures with visuals to guide every step
  • are designed around standards-based learning objectives
  • use word problems as the context for teaching whole number and decimal fraction operations
  • can be taught with a single tile-of-100 (for classroom demonstration and small group work)
  • include extension activities for use with large groups and larger set(s) of tiles
KP® Ten-Frame Tiles and Tile Tactics may each be purchased separately.