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Amazing Ten-Frame (K-1)
Amazing Ten-Frame (K-1):

Building (Young) Children's Understanding of Number and Operations!

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KP® Mathematics is pleased to announce the 2014 revision of its popular intervention program, Expeditions to Numeracy.  While retaining all of the successful features of the previous Expeditions, the revision introduces many improvements, including its separation into three separate interventions.

The result is three interventions with common features, each of which is powerful in content, instructional approach, ease of use, and efficiency.

Expeditions to Numeracy brings into sharp focus the state standards for K-4 relating to counting, cardinality, number and operations in base ten, and algebraic thinking.


"Expeditions taught me to love math. Expeditions taught me how to teach math and become more creative."

--- Teacher, Roswell, NM


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