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Amazing Ten-Frame (K-1)
Amazing Ten-Frame (K-1):

Building (Young) Children's Understanding of Number and Operations!

Professional Learning

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Professional Learning

KP® Mathematics offers a variety of professional learning experiences to meet the needs of educators, focusing on both content and pedagogy. Learning opportunities are customized to help teachers grapple with the major shifts in math education today: focus coherence, and rigor.

FOCUS: Training sessions focus on the most important math content ideas in elementary mathematics: place value, operations, and properties of operations.

COHERENCE: Content connections within and across grade levels, combined with proven pedagogical strategies, assist teachers in creating powerful instruction.

RIGOR: Beginning with conceptual understanding, we emphasize procedural fluency and application as teachers embrace new strategies for helping students use math as a tool in many contexts.

For long-term change to occur, educators need more than just new information. In order to genuinely understand and reflect new ideas in their teaching, they must adopt new values, beliefs, and behaviors about math teaching and learning. KP® Math offers a variety of workshops, seminars, and ongoing coaching support to help educators as they work to transform their mathematics understanding and their mathematics teaching.


  • One-day workshops and seminars
  • Two-day workshops and seminars
  • Multi-day workshops and seminars (spaced 4-6 weeks apart to facilitate job-embedded learning
  • Job-embedded math coaching for individuals or small groups
  • Leadership coaching


  • Ten-Frame Mathematics
  • KP® Program Implementation
  • Common Core Institute
  • Mathematics Coaching for Teachers and Leaders