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Amazing Ten-Frame (K-1)
Amazing Ten-Frame (K-1):

Building (Young) Children's Understanding of Number and Operations!

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Ten-Frame Mathematics seminars take the unique approach of applying the already-popular ten-frame to the entire base-ten system. The emphasis placed on integrating Ten-Frame Mathematics into instruction with district-adopted curricula and resources encourages teachers to bring these new ideas into active use in their classrooms. Details & Pricing Inquiry
KP® Program Implementation workshops focus on successful implementation of Expeditions to NumeracyAbove & Beyond, or KP®Functional Skills, ensuring that teachers follow the programs faithfully in order to maximize student success. Details & Pricing Inquiry
Common Core Institute is a semester-long course that helps teachers grapple with the instructional shifts outlined in the common core: focus, coherence, and rigor. Educators deeply examine mathematics content, explore new ways of thinking, and implement new ways of learning in their classrooms. (Available in 2015) Details & Pricing Inquiry
Mathematics Coaching for Teachers and Leaders offers individual and small-group job-embedded coaching to facilitate transformational professional learning. KP® Math consultants work with teacher leaders, coaches, and administrators, helping them refine their respective skills. Details & Pricing Inquiry