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Amazing Ten-Frame (K-1)
Amazing Ten-Frame (K-1):

Building (Young) Children's Understanding of Number and Operations!

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Kimberly Rimbey

Kimberly Rimbey

Kimberly Rimbey, Ph.D., a veteran classroom teacher with more than twenty-five years of classroom experience, holds a Ph.D. in mathematics education, Masters degrees in educational leadership and early childhood education, and is National Board Certified in Early Adolescent Mathematics. A recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, she has authored many publications, including the Math Academy series for the Actuarial Foundation. Kim's experiences as a classroom teacher, a K-6 mathematics specialist/coach, a mathematics coordinator, and a sought-after national professional developer make her the versatile educator she is today. Currently, Kim works as the Chief Learning Officer for the Rodel Charitable Foundation of Arizona, whose main goal is to raise teacher effectiveness at schools in high-poverty communities. She resides in Phoenix, Arizona, where she loves to mountain bike with her husband and trail run with her furry friends.


Peggy Akin

Peggy Akin

Peggy Akin, a retired mathematics and English teacher, has taught for twenty-seven years in grades 8-12 and now spends her time writing curriculum and training teachers. Her programs include: -The Mighty Sentence: Mastering the Art of Sentence Writing; -Building Math Power: A Unique Approach to Secondary Mathematics; -Module 0: The Power of 10; -Above & Beyond: “A Mathematics Program for Learners with Intellectual Delays;” and, with Kimberly Rimbey, -Expeditions to Numeracy: A Place-Value-Based Intervention and Up to Speed: Connecting Place Value and Operations. The hallmark of Peggy’s teaching and writing is instruction that guides students through carefully sequenced experiences that build mathematical meaning and conceptual understanding. Peggy and her husband live in Phoenix, Arizona. They have three daughters and seven grandchildren. 


KP Consultants/Trainers

Marcia Corby

Marcia Corby

Marcia Corby’s unique presentation style keeps her audience on the  edge of their seats. Her energy and passion for mathematics, students, and working with teachers is contagious! After working several years int he classroom, Marcia has found a love for mathematics and data analysis. She is currently working on a Master’s Degree in Measurement, Statistics, and Methological Studies at Arizona State University. Marcia was named a Rodel Exemplary Teacher and has had the privilege of mentoring several student teachers. She has also been involved in mathematics curriculum development for several organizations. Her experiences as a classroom teacher, coach, and curriculum developer, along with her enthusiasm and passion for learning,  ensure that all learners will leave her workshops motivated, knowledgeable, and eager to implement their new strategies.



Laura Hans

Laura Hans is a passionate educator with 34 years of experience in grades K-8. She has taught a wide variety of students from special education to gifted education, has been full time new teacher mentor and a K-8 math coach. Currently she is an Instructional Coordinator at a K-5 school in Lincoln, Nebraska. Her love of working with educators to enhance the math experience for both the teacher and the student is what drives her to make her workshops fun, personal and readily accessible. She believes that all students are entitled to a math education rooted in sound research and depth of knowledge. Laura is married to a school psychologist and has two grown children.



Kimberly Hetzog

Kimberly Hetzog is currently the Director of General Studies for the Phoenix (AZ) Elementary School District. Her responsibilities in the area of mathematics include:

  • Designing professional development opportunities for teachers in order to increase their pedagogical content knowledge so they are able to deliver quality instruction and use assessment data as the basis for making instructional decisions.
  • Increasing teacher and administrator understanding of the alignment between standards (national, state and district) and the adopted instructional materials and assessment in order to ensure effective classroom practices and supportive classroom environments conducive to the learning for all students.
  • Supporting the growth of teacher leaders and administrators so that they are able to help teachers successfully deliver classroom instruction by understanding the needs of students and reflecting on classroom practice.
  • Building the capacity at the school site level by supporting the development of Math Leadership Teams that will maintain a school-wide focus on mathematics teaching and learning.

Prior to holding this postion, Kim worked with the Maricopa Community College District as the Director of Cognitively Guided Instruction(CGI), a research-based framework which focuses on helping elementary teachers understand children’s mathematical thinking. As a professional developer in mathematics education, K-8, she has worked with various projects funded by the National Science Foundation, such as the Maricopa Comprehensive Regional Center for Minorities, the Phoenix Urban Systemic Initiative, Cognitively Guided Instruction and TREASURMath. She has served as a middle school principal and a mathematics consultant to K-8 university level mathematics education courses.



Dawn Koberstein

Dawn Koberstein believes that attitude is everything. One of the most important ways families and educators can reinforce mathematics achievement is simply by having a positive attitude that children can and will master challenging math. Too often, we undermine our children’s interest in math by using statements such as ‘math is hard’ or ‘I didn’t like math either.’”  Research shows that when we believe all children can learn challenging materials and we set high expectations, children rise to the occasion. Dawn has a way of making math seem ‘magical’ both to her students  and in her presentation style. With Dawn, math comes alive! Currently she is serving as the Dean of Students at Hull Elementary in Chandler halftime as well as serving as Teacher on Special Assignment the other half. She holds a Master’s degree. She spent the past four years as a Math Coach strenghening math instruction at her site and as a Math Teacher Leader in her district. She has 16 years of experience teaching and working with students in grades K-6.



Jean Tsuya

Jean Tsuya, a third generation educator, is a veteran classroom teacher, with 27 years experience at the 6-8 grade level. She holds a Master’s degree, and has spent the last several years working as a math instructional coach for her district. She first worked at the K-5 level but moved to the 6-8 level where she currently works. Her passion for the field of math education is well-noted as she works with teachers to implement a program that builds from the concrete to the visual to the abstract, building deep conceptual understanding of the mathematics. She and her husband live in Douglas, Arizona, and have three daughters.