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Amazing Ten-Frame (K-1)
Amazing Ten-Frame (K-1):

Building (Young) Children's Understanding of Number and Operations!

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Counting with Tens

A small ten-frame platform filled with ten 1-tiles signals the need to group the tiles into a single unit by covering them with a yellow grouping tile, thus creating a tile-of-10.

A significant “aha moment” occurs when students recognize that 1 ten and 10 ones are equivalent values: 1 ten = 10 ones.

Just turn the tile-of-10 over to view its component 1-tiles! This equivalence is the foundational concept of the base-10 system.


Students place Tiles-of-10 on a medium ten-frame platform in configurations consistent with those on the small ten-frame.  The photo here shows seven tiles-of-10 (70 ones).





Just as a yellow grouping tile groups ten 1-tiles into a tile-of-10, a blue grouping tile groups ten tiles-of-10 into a tile-of-100. The equivalences among 1 hundred, 10 tens, and 100 ones are visually evident along the sides of the tile-of-100. Viewing the underside of the tile reveals the ones inside, each group of ten ones shown in its ten-frame configuration.